This morning. Slow, easy, beautiful. Yet, frozen. I’ve been here before. Crawling through my skin. Uncomfortable with this moment. Growth. So much growth and so much beauty. Not enough. More than enough. Extremes. Black & white, there’s no room for gray here. Heavy heartbeats in my throat. Soft sheets & comfy pillows, my only hiding … More Anxious

First Love

As I ran my tongue along the faint disappearing callus on my bottom lip, a sense of loneliness and nostalgia washed over me.  I can almost smell you. I miss our sweet moments together. Our bond was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  I could rely on you to catch me when I fell, but … More First Love

Instagram Challenge Feels

The #rasayogatribe Instagram Challenge happened and I am still mulling it over. Let’s chat about it, ya dig? If you missed it, this challenge embodied everything Rasa. It integrated every part of the practice. Yoga. Creativity. Community. Soul Alchemy.  Mantra.  Mudra.  Asana.  Pranayama.  Meditation.  Check it out! Before this training, yoga was my secret. My … More Instagram Challenge Feels

Thinking of You

Oh how you are missed. Though I can feel you all around me, no matter where I go. I miss your kind spirit and warm laugh. You are in my mind and in my heart always. I search for you among the stars and in the vastness of the ocean. I realize now that this … More Thinking of You