Getting Grounded Through Breath

Take a full breath in and a full breath out. How does that feel? Just a tiny bit more relaxed? Getting grounded through breath has helped me work through and with my anxiety in a major way. Connecting with my breath has been an integral part of healing, it allows me to slow it all […]

Beginner Yoga Teacher Confessions

As this life continues to ebb and flow, the lessons we learn along the way are priceless… I recently started teaching my very own slow flow class at Ballard Health Center on Monday nights and well so far pretty good. Here are a few confessions as a beginner awkward yoga teacher finding my voice and […]

Instagram Challenge Feels

The #rasayogatribe Instagram Challenge happened and I am still mulling it over. Let’s chat about it, ya dig? If you missed it, this challenge embodied everything Rasa. It integrated every part of the practice. Yoga. Creativity. Community. Soul Alchemy.  Mantra.  Mudra.  Asana.  Pranayama.  Meditation.  Check it out! Before this training, yoga was my secret. My […]

The Beginning of the Transformation

Friends and Family, It has been a little while and I hope you are all well. First things first, thank you for reading this and sharing your thoughts about my writing. I am not exactly sure what this will evolve into, but I truly appreciate the love and support. This past weekend marked the halfway […]

How did I get here?

I just finished the first weekend of Rasa Yoga Teacher Training and I am SO excited to share some of my thoughts with y’all. First things first, let’s back up to the week leading up to the training…. I am a MESS. I cannot stop thinking, “what in the hell am I doing? Am I […]