Getting Grounded Through Breath

Take a full breath in and a full breath out. How does that feel? Just a tiny bit more relaxed? Getting grounded through breath has helped me work through and with my anxiety in a major way. Connecting with my breath has been an integral part of healing, it allows me to slow it all […]

Breathing Dreams

Breathe in the moments when you realize you are a whole new person, with a whole new life. Breathe it all in and let it wash over you. I sometimes still feel like the third grader in purple corduroys and matching tennis shoes, but I am an entirely new person who wishes I still had […]

Small Talk

Top three questions that come to mind: 1. Name? 2. What do you do? 3. Where did you go to school? What did you study? I’m the worst with small talk. I immediately feel this overwhelming need to unnecessarily explain myself to people I barely know, because in all honesty I still have a hard […]

Morning Rituals

All mornings are for coffee. All mornings are for waking up slowly and taking a moment to check in on how my body feels. Most mornings are for positive affirmations, meditations, and manifestation. Some mornings are for the snooze button and staying in bed. Some mornings are for snuggling. Some mornings are for movies in […]

Our Big Day

June 30th, 2018 We did it, we tied the knot. We planned this day for a little over a year and I finally got to marry the man of my dreams. From the moment we started planning, I wanted to keep it simple, not stressful, and for the most part it was thanks to Grant. […]

Today in Seattle

Seattle. You’re looking mighty fine. You are the symbol for growth and new beginning in my life. Incredibly thankful to be here, the lessons I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, the moments of pure joy and vulnerability. Some of the days have been hard and there are many lonely moments that I wouldn’t trade for […]

The Beginning of the Beginner

I found this piece of writing as a draft that I wrote on the first day of this blog that I completely forgot about and after reading it, I wanted to share. I think I stopped writing it, because it felt too real and I was scared of how people would respond so I stopped, […]

Beginner Yoga Teacher Confessions

As this life continues to ebb and flow, the lessons we learn along the way are priceless… I recently started teaching my very own slow flow class at Ballard Health Center on Monday nights and well so far pretty good. Here are a few confessions as a beginner awkward yoga teacher finding my voice and […]