M e r n i n.

All mornings are for coffee.
All mornings are for waking up slowly and taking a moment to check in on how my body feels.
Most mornings are for positive affirmations, meditations, and manifestation.
Some mornings are for the snooze button and staying in bed.
Some mornings are for snuggling.
Some mornings are for movies in bed.
Some mornings are for pancakes.
Some mornings I wash my hair, other mornings I barely have enough time to wash my face before I put makeup on it.
Some mornings I have oatmeal and perfectly sliced fruit.
Some mornings l have a cookie for breakfast.
Some mornings are filled with traffic.
Some mornings I listen to an audiobook or a podcast.
Some mornings are for Beyonce.
Oh, mornings, you’re my favorite… sometimes.
To be completely honest mornings are hard.
I’ve always had serious battles with my alarm clock, my mother, and now my husband in the morning. I am a total grumpster if I haven’t had my ten hours of rest.
I am a sleepy gal in a busy world, usually running late.
I am learning to treasure mornings, slowly. Mornings are new beginnings.
The beginning of a new opportunity to show up and another chance at being a better human.

When I start something new I usually have some sort of direction or intention, but I’ve never really seriously thought of each morning as the start of something new that needed direction. I’ve never been that sort of planner. I’ve never broken it down that way. It almost seems too elementary to think of each day as a new challenge that I have to learn and process until I realized that all of life is broken down into these beautiful pieces so that I can pause, grow, reflect, and start again. Little individually packaged days, filled with moments of opportunities. There is so much to navigate throughout the day, deep love, immense joy, aches and pains, sadness, fear, and anger. There are confrontations and difficult situations, starting my morning with purpose allows me to slow down. I choose exactly how I show up and feel all the feels. Mornings help me to begin, not just continue. Mornings help me begin the true task of expansion each day by checking in with myself.

So I’ve decided to continue to rewrite my morning story and make it beautiful, hopefully a little less grumpy. Mornings have become my space to set my intention for the day. I start small by accepting that mornings are difficult for me and that’s okay. Each morning is different and beautiful in its own way, but it’s mine. The first hour of my day transforms how the rest of the moments feel. Intention is power.

How do you start your day?



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