Our Big Day

June 30th, 2018

We did it, we tied the knot.

We planned this day for a little over a year and I finally got to marry the man of my dreams.

From the moment we started planning, I wanted to keep it simple, not stressful, and for the most part it was thanks to Grant.

I must acknowledge that I have a wonderfully organized husband that helped SO much. He keeps me cool, calm, and collected. (Thank God)

I also completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training during this time and practiced at least 4 times a week. Yoga was a huge part of why the planning process went smoothly, it helped keep me grounded and focused on the love.

Thank you to our families for being such a big part of our day and to everyone who came out to celebrate, we love you dearly. Here are the details of our big day and some tips from my experience.

We ended up choosing Wallace Falls Lodge in Gold Bar, WA for our venue, because it was big enough for almost our entire family to stay in one spot and we had our ceremony/reception in the yard.

My makeup was done by Shalonda Peguero, my hair stylist (@brielabrashhair) connected us and I’m so grateful it all worked out so smoothly! She was so much fun, we all loved our looks and I am so glad she was able to drive all the way out to Gold Bar for us!! @Seattle_mua

As for the hair style, my sweet best friend Beka blew me away. I remember just always knowing she would do my hair for my big day, it made sense, I wouldn’t trust anyone else. She’s not only one of my dearest friends and such a kind fun soul, she is a total hair master. It is a pretty bad ass thing to witness someone you love completely in their element, loving every second of their art. I am still obsessed with how my hair looked that day. Thank you.


These women. Gal pals. My people. Beautiful people. I love you so. These connections have saved me. These connections have helped shape this human I find myself to be today. Thank you! You each have such amazing souls and you make my life so much freaking fun. Thanks for always making me laugh, giving me all the great tips on how to live and making me feel way cool. I adore you. I appreciate each of you more than you’ll ever know.

The Dress. I bought my dress from The Dress Theory in Seattle. Shout out to Val for being so amazing and helpful. I fell in love right away and I am still so stoked on it. It is a two piece and I decided to go barefoot to feel more grounded and connected to the earth. Being barefoot and stepping in giant puddles was one of my favorite parts of the wedding. I felt free, so incredibly free.


They are the spirit within all of us. I am blessed to have some of the best ones in my life. These women made my day especially perfect. I love you all so much. Forever grateful.

Okay so here’s the vision: I wanted a very relaxed, boho inspired feel with tacos and tequila. Dancing the night away with my favorite people under a sky full of stars!

That pretty much happened, but it rained. It rained alllll weekend. I know, we live in Seattle and I was very aware of the high possibility of rain. We made the best of it and it ended up being such a fun party.

I made a lot of the signs and I was so judgemental of how they turned out, so I suggest buying them on Amazon, Hobby lobby, Etsy, or just practicing a whole bunch until you get it just right!

I searched for vintage vases, goblets, and taper candle holders for months finding all mismatch colorful funky designs for the table centerpieces and water glasses. This ended up being a lot more expensive than just ordering vases from Amazon, but I loved the different colors, shapes, and sizes that created so much depth for the tables. I also purchased lace runners for each table that ended up getting kind of lost in the eucalyptus. Soooo I could have saved a little money there.

I rented all of the table linens, a tent liner, heaters, dancefloor, and chairs from Grand Event Rentals. They turned out great, but showed up late to drop off and picked up late. Not too big of a deal for us, but for those of you on a tight timeline beware.

I luckily found an AMAZING florist who could totally see my vision and bought the most beautiful flowers to arrange in the vases. Also, she did my day of coordinating and kept my crazy wedding party under control. My favorite part was the absolutely incredible alter arrangement that took her hours to complete!! It was stunning and much more than I could have ever imagined. Her and her husband, spent a lot of the weekend with us and worked so hard to make everything come together! If you’re interested in booking Kelsey, check it out!


The photographer was my sweet friend, Amanda White. She drove to Gold Bar for the entire day and shot some of the funniest moments! She is so creative and inspiring! I am so glad our paths crossed! (UF Team for life) Please check her out, she is so much fun and will most definitely capture the best moments of your big day. Her work speaks for itself. So much love.


This is Amanda && Eugene, total power couple. Doing big things.

This is Amanda leading the thriller… It doesn’t get any better than that.

Hands down Los Agaves served the best tacos ever and everyone was talking about them for weeks after. They are located in the Pikes Place market in Seattle, be sure to stop in next time! Great service, great price, yummy food!


We also rented this lovely trailer from Luxury Restrooms and it was so fancy! It even had classical music playing to add to the ambiance! I mean, can’t go wrong there. So fresh and so clean!!

We found the perfect chandeliers that made the tent and alter so dreamy from a company called Vintage Ambiance. They offer so many adorable boho items to add that special touch, I wanted them all.

Our officiant Lisa, who is such a special woman, created such a lovely ceremony. This decision for me was tough at first, I wasn’t sure who was going to marry us, but when we met we instantly connected. She has such a warm spirit and love pours out of her being. It was pure magic!! She really took the time to get to know both Grant and I, she designed a romantic ceremony centered around our love. I highly recommend choosing someone you connect with deeply, it made our ceremony so unique and loving.

Our DJ was Oliver Strasser, he played the guitar beautifully for our ceremony and then stayed to DJ the party. Unfortunately, he played the wrong song for our first dance, so we made up for it and did a last dance of the evening together to the right song. I was bummed, but life is too short to get too upset. We all danced our asses off to the great selection of music!! We were married and all of our favorite people were there, that is what mattered.

All in all, our day was our day. It was perfect. We will cherish the memories made with our closest friends and family for the rest of our lives. We danced and danced and danced and took lots of tequila shots to celebrate all the love. We all became family and it was a dream.

Oh and I did my first keg stand ever in my wedding dress.

Love is the most important and beautiful thing to be shared. I’m so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate us! We truly had the best time ever.

Message me if you have any questions at all about planning your special day! I’d love to help in any way I can. Remember nothing is really that big of a deal, it’s going to be the best day of your life no matter what, rain or shine.


The Mrs. Potter

Oh && the littles were my favorite part!!!

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