Friday Fun Facts

I like to fill my schedule. Work is valuable and an easy escape route for me. When I fill my schedule with work and I am not disciplined enough to do the things that create positive calming energy in my life my mind tends to go into overdrive creating anxiety, along with fear of “not being enough” while pretending that it is all some sort of self protection. The busyness is my way of numbing which usually has me moving through life in a way that doesn’t align with my heart and has me totally avoiding all the juicy goodness of life. It is a very familiar place for me. BUT… Today I have had the day to myself, no expectations, no plans, and it has been magic. I am incredibly grateful for my practice and this journey to self. The moments that create space and call me back to my truth as pure love allow me to see exactly what I need. The moments of expansion bring me, my truth back. This practice continues to inspire me to face the fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurity with a strong loving heart. I am enough. 💛 Keep your head up and your heart strong. ✌️ “Abhaya Hrdaya✨ The Fearless Heart Mudra.💛

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