This morning. Slow, easy, beautiful.

Yet, frozen.

I’ve been here before.

Crawling through my skin.

Uncomfortable with this moment.

Growth. So much growth and so much beauty.

Not enough. More than enough.

Extremes. Black & white, there’s no room for gray here.

Heavy heartbeats in my throat.

Soft sheets & comfy pillows, my only hiding place.

Daydreams without movement. Always dreaming.

Vulnerability. So much vulnerability. Too much vulnerability.

Shakey hands. Busy mind.

Shame. The inability to process shame for what it is and cultivate forgiveness for myself is an addiction. A different kind of high.

All morning, back and forth- back and forth.

Acceptance. Sit with it. Here.

Breathe in. Pause.

Breathe out. Pause.

In through your nose, out through your mouth.

Bring the awareness here. Right here.

To this space. To this moment. To this truth. Remember that this, this is the only thing that exists.

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